Client and Partners

Selected Clients:

Atlantica Hotel Independent hotel in Halifax (Nova Scotia, Canada) with extensive online presence and vibrant community. Alexandria Moulding A flagship company in Alexandria (Ontario, Canada) with business intelligence capabilities.
Auberge du dragon rouge Two thematic restaurants in Montreal (Quebec, Canada) calling for colorful comments from enthusiastic guests. The Fish Market Restaurant Three family restaurants in the highly touristic ByWard market in Ottawa (Ontario, Canada).
Ludlow Thompson London (UK) real estate agent receiving a high volume of blogs, news, and social media mentions. Wanted technologies Typical consulting client from Québec City (Quebec, Canada) with hundreds of millions of records to analyze.

Our Partners:

Niviti InfoGlutton customers get premium access to Niviti community management services, led by Kim Auclair. Niviti develops active web presence with people who share interests and passions in common with you.
FranchiseBlast FranchiseBlast empowers you to run a successful franchise business with easy-to-use operational software. Manage day-to-day issues with franchisees, see everything happening in real-time, and increase the level of control you have over your franchise business.
Lead to Win InfoGlutton is a LeadToWin Phase III company. "Lead to Win is a great initiative for our region.", stated Larry O’Brien, Mayor of the City of Ottawa. "This is precisely the sort of innovative action that takes the current economic situation and turns it into a compelling opportunity for growth.

Our Partnership Programs:

Reseller Program:

Get 40% of revenues you generate. You handle marketing and billing. Territorial exclusivity available. Contact us for more information.

Referral Program:

Get 20% commission for up to one year when you refer new clients. Contact us for more information.
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You Guys Are AMAZING!!!
- Dine Toronto
I'm really impressed by InfoGlutton - far better than any of the other trials/software packages I've tried.
- Maria Bell, Ludlowthompson
We obtained results beyond our expectations.
- Ian Delisle, CTO, Wanted Technologies